Motorhomes: A Home From Home – Can It Be Less Costly?

Life with a Motorhome

Owning a motorhome is one of the best (and most homely) ways to travel. You sought out the comforts of home in a spacious and manoeuvrable vehicle.

So, here’s the question… Have you noticed how your Motorhome drives? A bit sluggish on the take up, struggling with steep inclines? There is a reason for that…

The Motorhome is a bit of a Mary Shelly creation; Engines from LCVs (light commercial vehicle’s) are placed into a motorhome body. The motorhome’s body is made from a lengthened and reinforced steel chassis. Heavy steel bases are also used to support the weight of onboard conveniences; beds, kitchen, bathroom, water supply, waste etc. it’s a bit of a Frankenstein in terms of is component parts.

Taking all the parts and bringing them together with an engine designed for an LCV and owing to the motorhome’s sheer weight, it is fair to say, the LCV engine is under a bit more pressure and much greater load.

The bulk and size of a Motorhome can struggle, where an unladen LCV may not – pulling off and gaining speed, frequent fuel stops, hills, and cruising speeds.

Motorhome Performance Tuning

Life can be made different

Just imagine this… fewer fuel stops, no more fear of steep hills, and all the cruising torque you will ever need.

Sounds like the dream, right? Well… You can give your motorhome this superior performance and fuel economy (*whispers* at the same time) with a customised engine software upgrade from One Stop Electronics. It takes less than an hour and costs start from as little £200.00. Bearing in mind the fuel saving potential of up to 20%, this pays for itself in no time.


Optimise Every Journey

Part of the enjoyment of owning your own motorhome are the journeys you make in life with it. It becomes your best friend, the one who’s always there for every journey. It sees everything you see, goes wherever you go, why not go further with a custom engine software upgrade from One Stop Electronics, get more miles for less fuel.

All Motorhomes Welcome

It doesn’t matter if your motorhome is new or older, high or low mileage, with an engine tune from One Stop Electronics, you can expect to reduce your motorhome’s fuel bill by up to 20%! Saving you enough money to buy yourself a nice holiday treat!

Delivering Smoother, More Powerful Driving and Fuel Economy

A custom engine software upgrade from One Stop Electronics delivers a very different motoring experience. If you need to save on the cost of fuel, need more torque for towing, have a power flat spot you want to iron out – this is definitely for you.

Don’t imagine it, drive it.. with a little bit more ‘get up and go’, comfortable motorway cruising speeds, all with a little less fuel used… your Motorhome is a dream to drive.